Orchestrator and Google Sheets

Connect JD Edwards with Google Sheets and run your data loads.

Google Sheets and Orchestrator Integration
Google Sheets Integration

Google Sheets and Orchestrator

Google Sheets Integration
Orchestration for Google Sheets

Google Sheets is one of the best tools available in the Cloud to work in groups. You can share the content with your peers and work in real time. One of greatest advantage of Google Sheets is that's possible to export the content as REST API.

With JD Edwards Orchestrator, we are able to consume this REST API and use virtually in any JD Edwards applications: from small data loads to real-time integrations.

Also, we can go in the other direction as well. With the API available, we can insert data from JD Edwards to a Google Sheets spreadsheet. This changes the integrations to the next level, taking off the complexity for development, shared drives, file manipulations, third party software for scheduling and file transfers.

Your company can save and became more dynamic.

One more thing...

All the features cited above, is also available with Microsoft Excel 365. So, if you're Microsoft shop, no worries, it's also possible to integrate two-ways JD Edwards using Orchestrator!

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