JD Edwards Personalization

Personalizing your experience will improve the ROI, make users more engaged, happier and productive.

JD Edwards Personalization

Use the JD Edward's Personalizations to create confidence and make your business processes more efficient, by clearing the clutter of excess of information or by adding new fields and content, without the need of a developer.

You can use Form Personalization and Form Extensions. 

Also, create your own EnterpriseOne Page, so you can have all your processes in a single place.


We can help your organization to build a plan to personalize JD Edwards.


Focus on User Experience

Personalization is part of the whole user Experience scenario. We can help your users achieve such a level of Personalization where they will have a better understanding of their processes, but most importantly, the system will become more user friendly and the "hidden" information can be carefully shown in CafeOne layouts or List View Grid Formats!


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