JD Edwards Sandbox

We can build your JD Edwards Sanbox for a pre-upgrade training, build Orchestrations and work with User Defined Objects like Form Personalization, with minimum resources and rapid provisioning.

Fully Functional Sandbox
Fully functional Sandbox

Our sandbox has all the features you need: from the most current User Defined Objects, to Orchestrator Studio and Client. You can manage the environment with Server Manager, and there's also an option to add a Deployment Server.

Built on Docker Containers

Docker is a revolutionary technology that speeds up the software deployment.

Innova9 Sandbox Hosting
We can host you sandbox

You can use our Cloud to host your Sandbox. We can quickly provision your EntepriseOne and in a matter of hours your users can start using the sandbox.

The Sandbox is a complete solution for tests and compatibility.

Enjoy the most recent EnterpriseOne version.

With this version you'll have all the newest features available. In fact, you'll be able to start creating your content and export the UDO to your own environment.


Request your free trial.

Want to try the environment? Request an one week free trial of our environments and see by yourself the benefits and performance.

Additional Features
Rapid Provisioning

JD Edwards on Docker can be fully installed in less than a week!

Performance Improvement

Playing with the sandbox will improve your user's performance, by allowing them to use the features that will be installed in your new environment.

Play with no fear!

If something breaks, it takes a couple hours to return to the previous state. This way, there's no interruption and you'll be able to keep learning without the fear on braking anything.

In Stock

JD Edwards Sandboxes can be used for:

  • Training purposes
  • Development
  • Disposable environments
  • Tests

This sandbox installation is intended for testing purposes and will not support any production and other transactional operation. Below a list of features that will be supported by this installation:

  • Version available: 9.2 with latest Tools Release

  • One patchcode with Demo Data - DV920

  • Does not come with Disaster Recovery

  • Up to 10 concurrent EnterpriseOne users

  • Core Servers

    • Database Server - Oracle 12c

    • Enterprise Server

    • JAS Server (HTML)

  • AIS Server - For mobile and integration

  • Orchestrator

    • Studio - build Orchestrations for IoT and integrations

    • Client - test Orchestrations

    • Notifications - notification system to dispatch notifications

    • Scheduler - scheduler system

  • Server Manager - server control and information / metrics

  • ADF Server

    • ADF Apps

    • Orchestrator Studio

    • UX One components

  • Demo data loaded

  • Pre-built User Defined Objects

    • CafeOnes (100+)

    • UX One Landing Pages (50+)

    • Personal Forms (10+)

    • Watchlists (380+)

    • Grid Formats (500+)

    • Classic Pages (130+)

    • Other UDOs

  • Mobility

    • iPad app support

    • Mobile apps (85+) - available for free download at Apple’s app store or Google Play

  • Enterprise Search functionality

Minimum technical requirements (MTR) for Docker instance as follows:

  • Docker 17.06 or later

  • Quad-core server with 8 (eight) cores available

  • 60GB RAM

  • 300GB continuous disk space in a single volume on BTRFS file system

  • 200GB temporary installation support file repository

  • Oracle Linux 7 as VM base OS

  • Internet / VPN connectivity