UX One Landing Pages Enablement

UX One enablement is a smart way to empower your decision makers, with real-time and holistic information about their activities.

  • Services UX One Enablement - Accounts Receivable Manager
  • Services UX One Enablement - Team Late Orders
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  • Services UX One Enablement - Production Manager
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We're here to help your company to implement, secure and share the Landing Pages based on your reality.

The landing pages roles are built based on generic and demo data. When moving the pages to your company's data model, changes needs to be made, queries must be adjusted to match with your company's values. Also, we can work with data segregation, where a CFO may need information on all business units, and a BU manager will have only access to its operational Business Unit.

The Landing Pages enablement will drive your users and managers, for a better decision make process with real-time data and a holistic view of their processes.


UX One Landing Pages

When your company upgrade to JD Edwards 9.2, you automatically have free access to 50+ pre-configured role-based Landing Pages. Those pages are based on Alert, Analyze, Act principles. 


Based on Watchlists, the Alert component has colors to catch your attention immediately, if some values passed a critical or warning thresholds. You can also filter by status, so you can focus in the issues to be worked on.


Composed by charts, the Analyze portion is where you see the activities and statuses. Instead of looking to a grid with numbers, a graphical representation of the data is easier to check for trends and quickly identify any exception or spikes in values. 


The Springboard side of Actions is where you invoke the programs to take real actions to mitigate and fix any issue you encounter in the Alert or Analyze. It's based on the menu role associated with the actual profile.

UX One Landing Page - Accounts Receivable Manager


Independently of industry, we can help with the configuration, implementation planning, security and deployment of those Landing Pages. You can have multiple Landing Pages deployed to a broad range of users and roles in your company. We also look at the performance to avoid any bottlenecks on the queries and the retrieved data. We look closely to JD Edwards' best practices, so we can bring to your company the recommended setup for UX One.

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne UX One enables you to visualize data and improves your decision-making ability, providing a more efficient use of the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne software. 

UX One Delivered Roles

UX One Landing Pages are delivered to a broad spectrum of areas in JD Edwards. From Financials, to Manufacturing, to a more specific industry like the Winemaker and Safety Manager on Health and Safety module.

Roles Roles
  • Accounts Payable Manager
  • Payroll Manager
  • Accounts Receivable Manager
  • Plant Manager
  • Asset Manager
  • Pricing Operations Manager
  • Benefits Manager
  • Procurement Manager
  • Collections Manager
  • Procurement Agreement Manager
  • Credit Manager
  • Procurement Pricing Operations Manager
  • Crop Production Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Customer Service Manager
  • Production Scheduler
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Project Manager
  • Field Manager
  • Property Manager
  • Field Service Manager
  • Rental Operations Manager
  • Field Service Supervisor
  • Requisition Manager
  • Fulfillment Manager
  • Safety Manager
  • General Accounting Manager
  • Sales Agreement Manager
  • Grower Contract Manager
  • Service Agent Manager
  • Human Resources Manager
  • Service Contract Manager
  • Inventory Accounting Manager
  • Service Operations Manager
  • Inventory Control Manager
  • Shipping Supervisor
  • Lease Administrator
  • Strategic Buyer
  • Lessee Accounting Manager
  • Strategic Pricing Manager
  • Lot Start Manager
  • Transportation Manager
  • Maintenance Manager
  • VMI Account Manager
  • Maintenance Scheduler
  • VMI Agreement Manager
  • Maintenance Supervisor
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Maintenance Technician
  • Winemaker
  • Operations Manager
  • Wine Cellar Manager

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