SSM - Simple Server Manager

A simple approach to your JD Edwards management!

Simple Server Manager

Server Manager sometimes gets us lost. It's natural due to such complex tasks it performs.

Now, think how many times you need to clear the JDBJ cache for that UDO to come to live, and you cleared the cache from DV, thinking it was PY.

How about bouncing the AIS or JAS server? Or check whether the servers are up or down?

With that in mind (and other things too), we built an easy and intuitive interface for the Server Manager.

Want to clear the cache? Click the "Clear jDBJ cache" button. Pronto!

Want to bounce a server? Click the "Power OFF" button when a server is running. Want to bring it on? Click the "Power ON" button when a server is shut off. 

This is our first iteration of SSM, and we're open to hearing more feedback from you! Please tell us what you think, and if your suggestion makes a difference, we'll give you the first month of our subscription free!

I almost forgot: this is also a MOBILE APP!! Yes, you can run this solution as a mobile app on your iOS, Android, and any device with a browser!

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Additional Features
ON-OFF switch

You can turn ON/OFF the servers right from your mobile phone.

Clear jDBJ cache

Clear the JDBJ cache by pressing a button!

Server status

Check the server status by looking at the bar on top: green, all OK. Red, the server is stopped.

Runtime information

Check for how long your server is running!

Java Heap Memory

Check the Java Heap Memory used and committed in JAS and AIS Servers!