Simple Password Reset for JD Edwards

Meet Simple Password Reset for JD Edwards.

The most straightforward Password Reset system for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

  • How it works
  • Step 1. Enter your email
  • Step 1.1. You receive a confirmation. Note we can adjust the expiration time for any period of time.
  • Step 2. You receive an email with a link and a code. Copy the code and click in the link to reset your JD Edwards password. The email is your email from Address Book.
  • Step 3. Enter your new password and confirm. Paste the code from your email and click "Reset Password"
  • Step 3.1. You receive a password change confirmation. Click in the JD Edwards link to open E1 and have fun with the best ERP! 

Is your company opening tickets for JD Edwards user's password resets?

How long does it take? Minutes? Hours? A day?

Are you currently using a password reset system for JD Edwards? How is the TCO? What about maintenance? Do you have to support hardware, OS licenses, and patches, database, antivirus? Do you have to add custom JD Edwards apps, generate new tables, business views, and disrupt your JD Edwards environment? Is your AIS Server being exposed to the internet for this? 

Does your password reset system is mobile by nature?

Is your password reset process genuinely secure? 

You have to look for answers to the questions above when looking for, or reviewing your user's password reset systems.

Imagine a password reset system, entirely built in a low-code/no-code platform, on the Cloud, secure, robust, non-intrusive, and easy to use and maintain. Where there's no third-party software to install, no JD Edwards tables creation/generation; no apps customizations; no package builds; it's entirely managed via Orchestrations and UDOs. Working under SSL/TLS encryption for a better security standpoint.

That's our Simple Password Reset system for JD Edwards.

With a minimalist approach, simplicity on its core, yet secure and safe, you'll be impressed by the agility and easiness of installing, using, and maintaining.

This is how it works:

  • You forgot your JD Edwards password or locked out from the system due to many wrong password attempts.
  • You open the Simple Password Reset landing page - on your desktop or mobile phone and provide your email.
  • You receive an email with the link for the reset password and a code. We have the option to set an expiration time for the code for better security.
  • Click the link, type your new password, confirm it, and then paste the code and click Reset Password.
  • You're all set! 

This minimalist and uncomplicated process have three core steps that you can easily use at any time, anywhere, and secured just because our platform is mobile-ready.

Want to know more about it? Contact us for a quick demo.

Additional Features

Build with Low-Code/No-Code Platform. There's not a single line of code in this solution.


Works on any mobile device.

Safe and secure

It's safe and secure. It uses SSL/TLS encryption and no password is exposed or stored anywhere.

SMS ready

You can receive SMS notifications to reset your JDE password.

No need to disrupt your JDE

No package builds, table creation, custom apps, or any other extra-server required. All Cloud-based apps.

User friendly

It's so simple that your users will love it!