Media Objects Viewer

Media Objects for Work Order

Do you want to bring your Media Objects to the next level?

You may have a lot of valuable information stored in your Media Objects, but they're limited only to certain screens in EnterpriseOne.

Thinking about that, we can help you on leveraging the power of low-code/no-code platforms and Media Objects, not only for simple visualization but integrating into workflow processes, search on content, indexing, and many more cases.

With our Media Objects framework, you can integrate in a seamless way with EnterpriseOne by using CafeOne - a feature that enables web applications to connect with an application, and we can send and receive data to and from the platform.

One of the use cases for the Media Objects is Work Order processing. You may require approvals in order to get started with a production order, and we can send the approval via the platform and only allow the Media Objects visualization once you get the approval for that specific order. The Media Objects store the manufacturing assembly information for the parts.

We can also read the content of a PDF, for example, extract the content as text, and save it in EnterpriseOne by creating a new Media Objects record or to a field at any table in E1. The possibilities are endless!

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Additional Features
Safe and Secure

No E1 Passwords are stored in the platform. 100% encrypted communication.

Print Content

Print your Media Objects directly, without the need to download the file to your machine.

Multiple file formats

Visualize multiple file contents: Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint, plain text, and many more.