Location and Language Changer for EnterpriseOne

Location and Language Changer

With Location and Language Changer for EnterpriseOne, you can quickly switch the EnterpriseOne Location/Localization and language with a single click on your phone. It also works on any device with a browser, so you'll be assured it's easy, secure, and fast to switch the Localization when working in multi-countries implementation.

We can add as many localizations you need on the fly and the languages are loaded based on your current languages installed. 

There's no disruption in the system, no tables to generate, and no packages to build. This is a plug-and-play solution and you'll be amazed how happy your users will be with this app in an immediate ROI!

Send us an email for a demo to contact@innova9.io

Additional Features
Safe and Secure

No EnterpriseOne passwords stored on the platform.

Built on AWS

This app is built on Amazon Web Services. Offering the quality and security standards from AWS.

Unlimited number of users

There's no limit to the number of users to use this app/portal.