ERP Freight Broker

Meet ERP Freight Broker for JD Edwards.

A real-time, integrated, simple, secure, and efficient portal for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne freight quote.

  • How it works
  • Step 1. Enter your Sales Order
  • Step 2. Update the Status of your Sales Order accordingly to your current business process
  • Step 3. Enter your Sales Order Number on Confirm Shipments application, click Find and then click the "Freight Broker" button
  • Step 4. Confirm the addresses on the map, then click on a carrier logo to get the quotes
  • Step 5. Click the "Details" button for a quote to see the details
  • Step 6. Within the selected quote detail, click "Confirm Shipment" button
  • Step 7. Check for the "Shipment Confirmed" screen. You can retrieve the shipping label by clicking the link
  • Step 8. Click the "Find" button to see the new Freight line created. Note the Media Object "clip" on the freight line
  • Step 9. Check your shipping label by clicking in the Media Object clip on the freight line. You're all set! You can continue your SO processing accordingly.
  • To cancel the shipment, click the "Cancel Shipment" button. Check the cancelation confirmation screen
  • You can restart again the process

Freight quotes in real-time!

Unleash the power of ERP Freight Broker!

A plug-and-play solution, non-intrusive, built using the latest technologies on APIs, Orchestrations, and Low-Code/No-Code platform.

We want to bring Orchestrator's advantages with the best of the breed Low-Code/No-Code/Low-Cost solutions for your enterprise.

This solution requires not a single line of code; it will not disrupt your Enterprise system: it's a plug-and-play capability that can be used - or overridden - at your will, just by hiding the CafeOne frame, so no risk to interrupt your work. Think of this as an "add-on" to check for other freight opportunities, in addition to what you already have available.

The ultimate goal is to bring freight quotes from multiple carriers in an integrated, simple, secure, and efficient manner for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

This is how it works:

  • You enter your Sales Order with multiple lines
  • Change the SO status accordingly to your business process
  • When it's ready for the Shipping Confirmation, enter the Order Number and click on the "Freight Broker" button in your form
  • The quotes will start appearing, the map is updated, and when it's done, you can choose the details by clicking on the carrier icon
  • Select the details for the specific line, check the information and confirm the freight. The system will:
    • Book the freight quote with the carrier, converting it to a shipment
    • Issue a freight label
    • Create a Freight line on Sales Order
    • Update the carrier information on the order header and detail
    • Update the delivery time/dates on the order header and detail
    • Add the shipping label as Media Object in the freight line
    • If there's a manifesto, insurance, or any other lines, the system can handle as well
    • Send via email or Save any document on a shared drive - OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Sharepoint, etc...
    • Any other custom activity you need!
    • You can cancel the shipment based on the timing directly from the platform. A refund will be automatically sent back to your account. That's based on the carrier options.

With this approach, we can interact the platform with EnterpriseOne securely and efficiently. Speaking of security, here's what you need to know:

  • The platform does not store any EnterpriseOne password.
  • All traffic between EnterpriseOne AIS Server and the platform is encrypted. End to end.
  • Users will have their own platform passwords encrypted and salted.
  • Quotes not selected are immediately discarded.
  • Option to activate 2 Factor Authentication for enhanced security
    • Google Authenticator
    • Authy


The Simple Freight Broker is Cloud-based, meaning that you need connectivity from your AIS Server to the platform to process the transactions.

Architecture for Connectivity


The onboarding process

We want to make quick moves and work smart!

We don't want to rely on a CNC to deploy packages nor a developer to add code in an EnterpriseOne app. We must use Orchestrator. Now that we're connected with the platform, it's just a matter of loading the Orchestrations and secure those to the right user.

This is what we need to do:

  • Load/Publish Orchestrations in PY - 1 hour.
  • Load/Publish UDO form Extension and CafeOne PY - 1 hour.
  • Provisioning for a “proxy user” to handle the requests - 1 hour.
  • Platform provisioning DEV and PROD - 1 hour.

These times are an estimate and definitely can take half of it, even less.

In about half-day, we'll be ready to start using the platform!


Wrapping up

The Simple Freight Broker solution will bring a new dynamic to your freight needs. We're starting small - with hundredweight parcels only. Soon, we'll open phase 2, where you'll be able to add your own carriers for LTL and FTL freight and bid amongst all your carriers - for a better price or a faster delivery!

We're excited to bring such a solution to the market and look forward to making this happen in your organization!



Contact us via email: and we'll reply you as soon as possible!

Additional Features
Real-time freight inquiry

Get your Freight quotes in real-time!

Google Maps for quick route

Visually confirm the route by visualizing the map with the addresses.

Weight consolidation

Automatically consolidate weights, sizes, and measurements to send to the API.

Sales Order Integration

Fully integrated with the Sales Order application in JD Edwards, we can add manifesto, insurance, and any other SO line to record a transaction.