Code Current as a Service

To become a code current organization isn't that difficult anymore.

Code Current as a Service

Code Current as a Service

With the Continuous Delivery model, one of the best practices to take advantage is to get code current.

Those updates are less disruptive and by using tools such as Object Usage Tracking, you can have a holistic view about who, when and what is running, making the code current process more effective, fast and transparent for your organization.

Innova9 can help your organization to plan and execute these updates.

The biggest advantage on being code current is that your organization can obtain an immediate ROI of JD Edwards' innovations and features.

In practical words

One of the innovations is named Form Personalization. With Form Personalization in place, your company can retire - and not retrofit - changes in forms' labels, by changing the form's properties like labels, positioning and size on the glass, without the need of a developer.

All these changes can be assigned to users and roles, all manged by User Defined Objects.

Innova9's Services

We can assist your company by identifying the new features and building a report on how that specific innovation can be used in your business, and how you can save by implementing it.

With this assessment in hands, we can help with the update itself, tuning, and how to better implement the new release with less disruption as possible.

Once its done, then we move to the implementation phase, where we'll actually replace or adopt the new planned feature.


Contact us for more details on this service and how you can save in time, money and become a more agile organization.