ERP academic paper

Technology Analysis Paper - ERP

Technology Analysis Paper - ERP

Back in 2013, I enrolled at Denver's University, Daniels College of Business School for a Graduate Business Program. As part of  IT Strategy (ITEC 4610) course, with professor Amy L. Phillips -@phillipsamy, we were assigned to write a technology analysis paper. 

A few topics were set, to guide our dissertation. The topic I chose was about Enterprise Resource Planning technology and more specifically Oracle JD Edwards.

I hope you enjoy this academic paper, that was based on several academic references - no Wikipedia was accepted. It took a lot of effort and I had to learn how to write on academic ways. It was challenging, since English isn't my primary language.

Below, the topics proposed:

  • What is the technology, what are its features, and how does it work?
  • Describe the history/evolution of the technology
  • What benefits does the technology provide/promise for business?
  • Does it offer disruptive opportunities? If so, how?
  • Describe several businesses that currently use it, how, and the outcomes of such use.
  • Compare the key vendors of this technology (or a direct competitor), their solutions, and cost.
  • What are the risks or challenges in implementing this technology?
  • What are the competing technologies, if any?